Private Pool Party

Private Pool Party in Budapest

Put your boredom to hibernation and revive your inner party beast so you can be captivated by the unfalsifiable summer experiences! With our Private Pool Party package, you can experience what it's like when the nights, skirts, and drinks are short, but the pleasure and experiences last long. Whether it's a wild party or a crazy bachelor party, with the help of our team, you will find what you want at our favorite summer private party location.
Summer and the wedding season are coming, bringing the best private pool and bachelor parties. It is why we put together a new package with a unique venue and exciting programs. Get to know one of Budapest's summer party gems, where instead of the noisy, bubbling, and crowded summer clubs, more personal, private experiences await. Everything here is about you and for you!

Private penthause with a panorama view in the heart of Budapest

A stunning 360-degree panorama, a spacious pool await you, crowned by an extra roof terrace. Here you and your guests can experience the party in a stylish environment, in comfort, and in a way that satisfies all their needs. You can also get lost in the breathtaking view of Budapest night from the villa since it has all glass walls. The terrace on the roof offers countless other opportunities to bring the party to a new level. At the villa's terrace, some sunbeds await those with a more chill vibe, or you can cool off in the pool if it gets too hot up there.
At the edge of the city center, with a breathtaking view, this venue awaits you next to Városliget, on Hermina út. One of Budapest's most beautiful parks and landmarks will not be the only thing that will impress you. Just wait until you see our premium hostesses. Imagine a private DJ putting on your favorite track while you enjoy the company of the prettiest Hungarian girls partying with you under the stars. Let's dive in and have the night of your life! Nothing is better than to plan a wild bachelor party with our hostesses, who have even more committed girlfriends who love to strip down.

Premium pool party with the most beautiful women in the world

Hungarian women live all around the world. Everywhere our girlies go, people say they are among the most beautiful on the Globe. Well, the good news is that in Hungary there is not only a couple of them and we have selected the most attractive ones and those who provide the most pleasant company to our partners.
It doesn't matter whether you want to party in private, spend the night with our lovely and extra-hot hostesses, or even with sexy striptease dancers because we will ensure that your evening is top- notch. That's why, if it comes to a bachelor party or stag do, you won't be disappointed with our Private Penthouse Party package. Our hostesses are true professionals and know what makes a good party, as they have been in the entertainment industry for many years. They are not only beautiful, but they have a good sense of humor, they speak excellent English, and several of them are also fluent in other foreign languages. Our female hostesses bring you into the party mood even with their mere presence. They never forget to bring their most party-loving selves with them so that the party mood won't drop for a minute but will reach its peak.
Our striptease dancers have already impressed hundreds of grooms and their groups of friends at many bachelor parties. Don't worry, since nobody will find out that you partied with us because one of the best advantages of our agency is discretion. Our professional dancers can come with you in a limousine or wait for you on the dance floor or in its pool, as their wild imaginations have creative choreography for every scene.

Bachelor party with extras

Thanks to our extensive network of contacts, we work with the country's TOP DJs, being ready to bring your favorite tracks to the party in a crazy mix. The unforgettable party experience can be enhanced further by the fact that the Private Rooftop is waiting for you with quality sound technology and a few visual elements that will bring you the vibes of a Hungarian club.
Of course, at this point, we still haven't told you everything about our new party service because you can also order professional bartenders who can prepare your favorite drinks to quench your party thirst. In addition, the Private Rooftop has a ping pong table that you can use for a beer pong game to start the night well.
One thing is for sure, none of you should come to this Budapest stag do party with the plan to drive home because the goal is to make everybody raise their glasses. In return, our hostesses, like good hosts, will help you to get home with the support of our partner's private driver service or taxi company. Essentially, all you need to do is to share your dreams with us because we can make everything else come true.

Pool party every day!

Here comes a bachelor party in Budapest with a twist! While an average nightclub is closed on weekdays, Private Rooftop has an additional advantage as you can party at the villa any day. A weekday private pool party above the city can be a strong start, and then you can continue to conquer the Budapest nightlife with our other programs.

A perfect bachelor party location for the summer

If you are looking for a perfect bachelor party location for the summer, you have found the best party package with our Private Penthouse Party package.