Hungarian party hostess girls

Party at the club with the hottest girls in Budapest by your side

We are offering a party hostess service, where we can make your trip to Budapest 100% unforgettable. 

We have been into the Nightlife of Budapest for almost 9 years now, and can help you with advices for the best night clubs in Budapest.

We also let you choose real Hungarian model girls that suites your taste, to be with you during the whole night at the clubs!

nHungarian girl hostess party
Hungarian girl at the club in Budapest

Want to have fun with some nice girls by your side?

These beautiful Hungarian girls are specifically hired to party with you and your group and make sure everyone is having a wonderful time.  

Our party hostesses are happy to bring out the best of your night! An excellent choice if you want to have a night with georgeous, funny, communicative women.

So what exactly the party girls do?

In a nutshell, exactly what’s written on the label- party hostesses or atmosphere models are set up a desired mood for the party, whatever that may be: having fun in one of the nightclubs in Budapest, pool party, bachelor party, or a high-end and elegant event.

The party hostesses can give your party life, and without them, you can expect your event to fall flat before it even has the chance to take off. Their main function is to entertain- chatting, dancing, singing, and making sure everybody has the best time. 

Our beutiful Hungarian girls are, sociable, charming, fluent in English and always ready to engage your party attendees, so that you can relax knowing that your party guests are well taken care of. In addition the girls can guide you through Budapest night: which club worth to check, table reservasion etc.

Keep in mind that our service can be ordered anywhere, not just Budapest!

Prices for the Party girls

The price is 120 euros/hostess for 5 hours.

25 euro extra for additional hour/girl. It is also possible to get a fixed price if you’re interested in longer time or even days/weekends!

Just call reach out to our agency today through any of the contact listed on our website, and select the available beauties by their photos and we can get models to your party in hours!